Oil Storage

One of the world leading storage companies
Through years of experience, DUBENSKAYA TANKFARM LTD has become a well-known and appreciated partner for professional storage and tailor-made services to meet our clients’ wishes and requirements. Our successful handling of petroleum products, chemicals, and gases has made DUBENSKAYA TANKFARM LTD the preferred storage provider for a wide range of companies.


Jetty Capacity

Jetty 1

44.5 ft

13.5 m

70,000 dwt

Jetty 2

33.0 ft

10.0 m

20,000 dwt


Storage tank farm

Quantity (pcs.)

Volume (cub. m.)

Total volume (cub. m.)

Total: 30


404 500


20 000

240 000


10 000

40 000


5 000

60 000


32 250

64 500






Today, we store energy and chemical products that are crucial to people’s lives, but can endanger their health and the environment if stored or handled inappropriately.

Energy pоlicy

The petrоleum industry in Russia is оne оf the largest in the wоrld. Russia has the largest reserves, and is the largest expоrter, оf natural gas. It has the secоnd largest cоal reserves, the eighth largest оil reserves, and is the largest expоrter оf оil. It is the third largest energy user.

Oil Transportation

Most oil fields are far from the place of processing and marketing of crude oil, so fast and cost-effective delivery and is vital to the prosperity of the industry.

Joint ventures

Our controlled international-expansion strategy includes the development of an individual-terminal network–through acquisitions and joint ventures with local private companies, consortiums and government entities.